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There are 4 types of procrastinators
which one are you?

I think we all have tasks we dislike, and we’d rather be doing something

that we actually enjoy. And that makes sense. 

But is your procrastination hurting your business?

Are you ready to get to the root cause of your procrastination, find out which type of procrastinator you are, discover the positive intention behind your actions and walk away with a neuroscience technique that will help you finally

prevent your procrastination?


Yes, perfect!

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Highly Sensitive Coach
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Jane Christine HSP Mindset Coach
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You're ready to transform, aren't you?

You feel overwhelmed and don’t know how or where to start

You desire to honour your Highly Sensitive nature

You're craving to do things intuitively and throw out the rules

You want to rediscover your inner confidence

You know establishing your energy boundaries is essential 

You want to get to the root cause of your limiting beliefs

You're craving sustainability, pleasure & success


You want tangible mindset techniques that will transform your life


And you desire a mindset coach to guide you through it all


starts from a thought



Unconscious decisions
per day


Years ago NLP was development


Pieces of information processed per second


Of the population are Highly Sensitive People


I'm Jane​​

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I left my career climbing the corporate ladder, travelled to 40+ countries in 6 years, and went through a complete transformation that gave me the strategies to overcome fears, not only design my dream life but to action it into existence with confidence.

I’m going to share with you all the wisdom, knowledge, and truths I discovered on my journey so you too can break-free from self-limiting beliefs and create the successful business you’ve always wanted.

Now I'm here to help you tap into your

unique Highly Sensitive gift

The #1 reason you haven't reached your business dreams yet is because of your mindset but with my proven transformation techniques accompanied by neuroscience and practical exercises, you will be opened to unlimited possibilities and will become determined to create and succeed in your dream business.

I’ll guide you into unleashing your inner confidence.

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Fearless Female HSP Coach

5 month 1:1 program

Awaken Your Inner Confidence Membership Highly Sensitive Coach

6 month membership

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2 hour workshop

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Meet other women who enhanced
their confidence, businesses & lives 

Highly Sensitive Coach Jane Christine

"I feel amazing in this program. I was nervous at first but Jane immediately made me feel comfortable. She answers each of my questions kindly. I can hear the love in her voice and her kindness is so reassuring. It is hard to open up about some things but Jane is the easiest person to talk to. This program is helping me re-shape how I conduct my entire life, not just my business. The best part so far has been the immediate success I have had. I have been able to grow my business and complete difficult tasks without having a complete anxiety attack. I have been able to heal relationships within my family and with my children. Its amazing! "

Kaite, USA

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